Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

By Haley Hughes

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

What The heck is Blue Light Anyway….


We’re over exposed to blue light on soooo many levels and we don’t even realise it….


When I first started my journey into blue light exposure and how it impacts on us in terms of our eye health, our sleep quality and our energy levels….I understood and believed the science, however the one thing I didn’t expect and the one thing I never ready anywhere – was how we have all become so accustomed to being uncomfortable….


To feeling tired, drained and lacklustre by the end of each day….


By feeling a dull and subtle dryness coming over our eyes after looking at a screen for an hour or so…


It feels like a stinging sensation….yet we are so used to that feeling, it has become so subtle in our nervous system, it has become our new ‘normal’…


The moment I started to test the range of Empire & Co glasses….. wearing them each day as soon as I stepped into ‘Boss mode’ and opened my laptop or began scrolling through my feed….was the moment I realised I was living a lie…


I was settling for a new and lower level of comfort, energy and standard of health.


Now I can’t go longer than an hour looking at a screen without noticing the effects of digital eye strain….and being mindful of just how much harm I must have been doing to my eyes, prior to launching Empire & Co.


This is why I am just so damn passionate about what I do… is I believe we deserve more….


To feel more energised, more vibrant, to be happier healthier parents, friends and partners so we can show up as the best we can be, for those we care the most about!


So here’s to a new higher level of ‘normal’…


Haley xox

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P.s. Coming up soon - Stay tuned to find out why the Harvard Business Review thinks that looking at your screen could be causing cancer 😱


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