How Can Your Specs, Help Your Sleep?

How Can Your Specs, Help Your Sleep?

By Haley Hughes

How Can Your Specs, Help Your Sleep?

Did you know that 25 minutes of screen time is all it takes to lose a full night of quality sleep?

Empire & Co glasses are more than a sexy set of non-prescription frames.

Despite our best efforts to maintain healthy boundaries, most of us end up falling down the smartphone/ tablet/ laptop rabbit warren and end up aimlessly scrolling for hours.

Recent research shows that Australians are spending more time in front of a screen than they are sleeping, quite literally 9.4 hours screening vs 7.3 hours sleeping.

Over the course of a year, Australians will spend an average of 143 days in front of the screen of a device.

Extensive hours behind devices cause digital eye strain, which is exactly what Empire & Co optical wear protect its wearers against. Blue light exposure is one of the most common causes of poor sleeping activities.

Because let’s be real, good sleep = happy humans


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