About Empire & Co

We Believe You Have So Much More To Share From Within.....We Want To Empower Women To Use Fashion As a Tool To Help Transform The Way You Feel Each Day & Show The World What We Know You Have Inside You xox

Empire & Co believe that fashion is a powerful tool you can use to change the way you feel and to portray the inner you to the world...the right eyewear can help you activate your inner Superwomen - giving you the confidence to show the world just how smart you really are, to activating your inner 50 shades ;) and playing up on that smart sexy, yet sophisticated vibe a striking pair of black framed glasses can create.  


We also believe that everyone deserves to have the ability to SEE….which is why we support the John Fawcett foundation in their sight restoring endeavours in Indonesia….for every pair of Empire & Co Glasses purchased, we donate a pair of Sunglasses to those who have just undertaking sight restoring surgery, so they can face the world with confidence and continue to protect their newly restored eyes from the harsh bright sun.


Fashion forward frames with blue light blocking lenses

Effortlessly chic, timeless and classic. Empire & Co glasses have been skilfully designed to be the perfect fashion accessory to take you from desk to drinks and still command the attention of the entire room.

Whether you are hustling in the boardroom or looking to make eyes with that cutie at the bar, Empire & Co captures attention from all angles. 

Empire & Co started humbly when a little girl was told by an optometrist that she was not allowed to have glasses for the sake of looking ‘smart’.

Fast forward 20 years, and this little girl has grown in to a fashion savvy business entrepreneur, who often suffered from sore tired eyes and poor sleep from long hours of laptop time. The blue light blocking technology in Empire & Co glasses finally offered founder Haley Hughes a legitimate reason to wear glasses.

 Read more on Founder, Haley Hughes’ Embarrassing Story Here

 What kind of technology is in Empire & Co glasses?

Crafted with purpose, Empire & Co eyewear have cutting-edge technology embedded in their lenses to protect the wearer from the harmful effects of excess exposure to high energy visible (HEV) light which is contained in all smart devices, television screens and artificial lighting.

Empire & Co blue light blocking eyewear have been designed to offers a geek-chic solution to digital eye strain.

Sharp specs have the ability to transform any outfit, our bespoke collection of fashion frames will give your style a high-end edge and are sure to turn some heads.

With frames inspired by international fashion shows, Empire & Co provides a luxe solution to take your face-game to the next level.