Enjoy Guilt free Screen Time!

Whether you spend your days and evenings working up a storm, watching ironic animal videos, trolling celebrities, trawling Bumble for babes or just aimlessly scrolling the feed, never be unprotected against the harmful effects of blue screen.



Let’s put on our lab coats and talk about the science behind the specs for a hot minute.

To put it plainly, late nights or long days in front of a smart device, television, even under a florescent light causes eye strain.


What are the signs of Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain manifests itself in many ways, including:

Blurry visionDifficulty focusingDry and irritated eyesHeadachesNeck and back painsTrouble getting to sleepPoor sleep quality

Needless to say, the symptoms associated with digital eye strain powerfully affect work productivity. As people fill their days innocently with more screen time, digital eye strain becomes a global epidemic – it is now affecting 1 in 3 people and has overtaken carpal-tunnel syndrome as the number one computer related health complaint!      

Empire + Co glasses protect you whilst you are using your devices: forget dry tired eyes and never feel guilty watching Netflix in bed again!


Why is blue light making us blue?

The cause of the abovementioned issues is due to over exposure of the blue (aka High Energy Visible HEV) light used in today’s devices. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than other lights in the visible spectrum, causing it to scatter more and decrease in contract. This in turn causes tension in the eyes as they are constantly refocusing. Whilst blue light is aimed to reduce eye irritation during the day, when exposed to at the evening time, especially after a full day of exposure, it causes havoc for our eye and hormonal health.

Firstly, Melatonin, otherwise known as the sleep hormone, hates it! Blue light affects the hormone’s natural release, which is why some people have trouble getting to sleep, or have a poor quality of sleep after being on a device and why it is strongly recommended you go offline two hours before bed time.

Empire + Co have used this knowledge to craft blue light blocking glasses that look good.