Founder of Empire & Co.

Meet Haley Hughes

Her work as a career-entrepreneur that also swans her way through parenthood has led to many late nights on her laptop long after she has tucked in her boys.

Because of this, she often found she needed to use eye drops, suffered headaches and when it was finally time to shut down, getting to sleep became difficult because of all the excess blue light exposure.

After searching high and low for a trendy set of specs that protected her eyes against digital fatigue and also didn’t look like they belonged in an early 90s music video film clip. All she could find were yellow lensed glasses that gamers used when they were deep in the perils of online gaming.

It wasn’t a great look...

She then felt compelled to fill the space in the market with fashionable, aesthetically pleasing designer frames, that protected the wearers eyes from blue light exposure (and gave them a better night’s sleep!).

From over a decade working on photoshoots with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Haley has a firm understanding of the fashion industry and brand aesthetics. 

She has been able to use this knowledge to help create a range of eye catching (pun-totally-intended)...

range of blue light blocking glasses that will take you from laptop to lifestyle..

and have fashionistas everywhere begging to know where you got them from.

Haley’s personal fashion style is effortlessly chic, she buys high end fashion staples that and pairs them with fashion forward accessories, she has brought this philosophy into the design of each eyepiece in the Empire & Co collection.