Look Smart, Feel Cute AF....

Activate your inner Superwomen...The moment you put your Empire & Co frames on, you'll instantly feel smarter and look cute AF! 

Women all across the world are going crazy for our Goal Digger frames for their classy, sleek head turning design; light weight feel and instant "Boss Babe factor" they give you....

No wonder they sold out within days of launching! 

Our most popular style is FINALLY back in stock and won't last long....we only have limited stock available - so add to cart now so you don't miss out again!


Will I Suit These Frames?

 The "Goal Digger" blue light blocking glasses are right on trend and are perfect for anyone with more rounded features/face shape such as: round, heart and oval these frames are perfect for you as they will compliment your features.

p.s. If you have an oval face shape - then you're in luck as pretty much any kind of frame shape will suit you!

The colouring is incredibly flattering on all skin tones, the gold accent effortlessly enhances anyone with warm undertones to their skin.


I Don't Need Glasses But I Loooooove These - Can I Get Them?

Yes!  All of our glasses are non prescription :D we believe that glasses are the ULTIMATE fashion accessory and have the ability to completely transform your look from Boardroom to bedroom ;) glasses have the unique ability to take you from serious, to sassy, to sexy in the blink of an eye.....so pick your mood and the perfect glasses to match it.


Why Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Oh and did I mention you'll also be protecting your peepers against those nasty blue light rays being emitted from our screens every day....meaning you'll sleep better, have more energy and can say goodbye to tired dry eyes at the end of the day #Winning!

*Need a prescription?  Good news, you can wear your contacts under our frames, so no FOMO for you!  **Hooray!** 


What Else Do I Get With My Frames?

Life is busy right? You don't have time to go looking for a fancy case to go with your glasses as well and we want to make sure your Empire & Co frames stay as sleek and sexy as the day your brought them - that's why with every pair you purchase, we're going to gift you our Empire & Co light weight slimline glasses case for FREE plus a soft carry pouch annnnnnd cleaning cloth (Valued at $24.00).....You're welcome ;) 




After joining the #EmpireQueens tribe and getting all the benefits from wearing your glasses, you'll never go back to your bare peep ways!

We are so confident you will love your Empire & Co glasses that we are giving you a 30-day money back guarantee! 

If you wear them each day and aren't convinced of the huge benefits of wearing them (more energy, less headaches, no more tired eyes) then we will refund you - no questions asked and no hard feelings! 


Product Info

One of our most sought after styles....stunning transparent pink with a gold accent across the top of the frame will help you protect your peeps whilst you chase down those dreams and own the space you're in!

They are light weight....super comfortable to wear and are cute to boot.

Get in quick, these fly out the door and will sell out quickly!

Frame Weight 16.6g
Frame Width 140mm
Lense Width 53mm
Lense Height 44mm
Bridge 17mm
Temple 140mm